Alex B. Chamberlain

Asset Manager

As Asset Manager for Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners, Mr. Chamberlain is responsible for supporting the full range of Jair Lynch investment decision-making and asset management. Mr. Chamberlain leads project execution for performing assets, affordable housing projects, and projects which are converted from development to normalized operations. Mr. Chamberlain tracks for compliance with the project business plan all aspects of value creation including project positioning, revenue maximization and expense management, debt covenant compliance, and capital project execution. He also manages investor relationships and provides asset level reporting.

  • University of Virginia
    Bachelor of Science in Finance and Marketing
  • UVA Alumni In Real Estate
  • Urban Land Institute
  • McIntire School of Commerce
  • McLean High School Alumni Network

We focus on what to do next. We spend our energies on moving forward toward finding the answer!

– Alex B. Chamberlain

Alex B. Chamberlain