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Jair Lynch Development Partners
People. Place. Prosperity.

Team Overview

It starts with people.

The underpinning of our success has always been our ability to connect with people. We connect people at the most basic level by developing authentic urban experiences that are unequivocally connected to our values. This leadership strategy starts with the people in our own JAIR LYNCH family.

Every day our associates are empowered to become leaders in the company and in all of the places we touch-whether it's the neighborhoods where we work or the ones in which we live. We do this by seeking intellectual and professional development, civic involvement, and opportunities to create prosperity for everyone. We build strategic, lasting relationships. We encourage each other to redefine and re-imagine our environments, dream without inhibition, and live by our core integrity. We are studying, continually, the issues facing our neighbors and devising innovative strategies to address them. We roll up our sleeves, track trends and align ourselves with causes we believe in.

We constantly contemplate our legacy.

We do this because we believe people are what make places extraordinary, a philosophy that is at the heart of our work.

We invite you to get to know us.

JAIR LYNCH has created a model for the broader development community to follow for incorporating neighborhood input into...high profile development projects. The InTowner (09/06)