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Jair Lynch Development Partners
People. Place. Prosperity.

Services Overview

JAIR LYNCH Development Partners is an urban regeneration company that specializes in the responsible transformation of urban markets. Our business plan focuses on empowering people, developing place, and creating prosperity.  We do this by combining social responsibility with sound economic development in the pursuit of creating truly sustainable, extraordinary neighborhoods. To that end, we operate a fully integrated real estate development business that includes:

Together these areas of expertise comprise an incomparable and holistic understanding of the development process that informs all of our work. As an investment sponsor, JAIR LYNCH is constantly seeking out development sites, running pro formas and evaluating potential development programs. Through our sponsored investment projects we gain invaluable insider knowledge of prevailing costs and schedule considerations in addition to efficient task management, which helps projects stay within scope and budget. As development managers, we leverage this expertise for our clients’ success.

Our cumulative development expertise is often sought after by clients undertaking strategic planning initiatives, market and financial feasibility analyses and other real estate planning programs. As real estate advisors, JAIR LYNCH has provided services in support of more than $10 billion in economic development activity in the national capital region.

JAIR LYNCH has become known for finding new ways to help residents...and redevelop blighted neighborhoods. - The Washington Examiner (12/15/05)