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Jair Lynch Development Partners
People. Place. Prosperity.


At JAIR LYNCH Development Partners, our goal is to create extraordinary neighborhoods. And while we pride ourselves in providing the innovative physical infrastructure, ultimately it is our customers who define the soul of a place. These are the people who live in our buildings, attend classes in our schools and play basketball at our rec centers. They want safe, walkable streets and thriving local businesses. They need access to public transportation, job opportunities, and healthcare facilities. They have a common commitment to values like affordability, diversity and sustainability. Our job is to ensure that long after we are gone, we have left behind a physical legacy that enables our customers to prosper.

If this sounds like you, you may be interested in living in one of our neighborhoods.   

JAIR LYNCH has become known for finding new ways to help residents...and redevelop blighted neighborhoods. - The Washington Examiner (12/15/05)